Why You Should Use a Trusted Choice® Independent Agent?

Why You Should Use a Trusted Choice® Independent Agent?Be sure to look at purchasing insurance as an important decision that could cost you, or save you money. Buying insurance should be looked at like an investment for your family, your home, your automobile or even your business.

Although there are many places you can shop and look for insurance products, generally they fall into one of three categories, and there are differences.

The first ones are the Telephone Representatives that can only offer you options from one company, and only over the phone.

The second is probably the most common which is called a “Captive Agent”. These agents will offer you insurance options from only one source: the company that they happen to work for. Because of this, they are only able to offer a limited numbers of quotes.

The third source is the Independent Insurance Agent, who work with multiple different companies. Because of this, they are able to shop around for you and find the best combination of competitive rates and coverage for your particular insurance needs.

Why Your Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agent is the best bet?

  • They can offer the best combination of rates, service and coverage.
  • They are not held to any one company.
  • They work for you as a consultant – helping you determine your needs.
  • They can review your coverage from time to time and suggest changes when they become available.
  • They help you if you have a claim and assist with any questions and help that your need.
  • They offer one-stop shopping for all of your insurance needs: home, automobile, motorcycle, business, life, boat and renters.
  • Most importantly, they will always treat you like a human, not just a policy number.

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